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EST. 2014


BARBA PARTY is an all-inclusive, sex positive queer event founded in techno. Run by queer POC and showcasing some of the finest queer talent and techno from Australia and across the globe .


BARBA will have you sweating out your demons in a safe, open and inclusive space.

JIZZ LOGO 2020.tif

EST. 2018


JIZZ [Midsumma Carnival] OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY is an all-inclusive event powered by BARBA presents featuring multiple levels filled with Australia’s best queer DJs and performers and playing host to some of the finest international imports.


EST. 2020


BFR will hit you loud, hard and fast. Expect a limited online presence, sporadic pop-up event dates and an emphasis on emerging styles and artists.

BFR is a new pop-up project powered by BARBA Presents in collaboration with DJ STR8B8 to showcase new local talent along with some of our favourite members from la familia.

So, Be Fucking Ready!

EST. 2019


Jagged Little Pills is a queer tribute to Alanis Morissette's iconic album in its entirety, through the lens of some of Melbourne's most unique and bold performers and artists.


EST. 2017


SIA later: 'Australia's Greatest SIA party'

1, 2, 3, drink & move your body and your elastic heart at this night of cheap thrills, live music, performance art and rave for SIA.

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